There is a moral debate out there. It is new but is growing as fast as a Tsunami wave: The Fair use of Data.

Data has become probably the most potent instrument that has ever existed in Humanity. …

The Pirates one is great! So many hours wasted because that numbers, "don't tell the story I want to tell".

It is no secret that the use of Analytics is beneficial for a business, but it is also known that many analytics initiatives fail.
There are multiple reasons for this: Unrealistic expectations, no clear goals, lack of resources, etc.

What is GIDAR?

GIDAR is a practical analytics framework that addresses many of these…

I see job descriptions every week, and lately, one has caught my attention; “Growth hacker”. This relatively new position sells as the holy grail for companies.

How does it work?

Quoting Wikipedia “It started in relation to early-stage startups who need massive growth in a short time on small budgets, but has since then…

A common question at work is, how to accomplish many tasks and projects on time, without doing overtime.

Working extra hours and on weekends is a productivity killer. It creates stress and decision fatigue which reduces your productivity and ultimately your happiness.

The answer relates to acquired habits that, in…

Bad time to read? You can listen.

Inclusion (especially at workplaces) it is an important topic, every day more. Individuals in teams that feel included perform better have longer tenures and positively impact the business.

One of the things I’ve detected after working for several multinational companies as a potential…

The United States has been politically, economically and socially struggling for a few years already. The COVID19 pandemic management and police brutality cases are just two examples resurfacing the identity issues that great America is going through.

COVID Cases daily Since Jan 21 — Source

During years, friends, colleagues and myself have admired the American culture and followed…

Simple is beautiful is one of the sentences that I repeat more at work. I say it so often that, when I start saying it, my colleagues usually interrupt me with a “yes Santi we know”.

The fact is that the principle works well for work, personal life, friends and…

The definition of the so-known as ‘Pomodoro’ technique is the opposite of multitasking.

In this approach, and using a timer, you will focus on a single task for a limited, reduced amount of time. The name Pomodoro comes after the cooking timers with a shape of a tomato that was…

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caught everyone by surprise. Well not everyone, Bill Gates said in a TED talk back in 2015:

“Today, the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn’t look like this. Instead, it looks like this. If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades…

Santiago Tacoronte

Data-Driven Strategy | Author of GIDAR Analytics Methodology

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